• The West Virginia Lions Sight Conservation Foundation works with your local Lions Club and the Starkey Foundation "Hear Now" program to supply hearing aids to those in need.

  • A hearing application will be sent to your local Lions Club.

  • A Lions Club member will contact you to learn more about your situation and to process the application.  

  • Once approved, a copy will be sent to your audiologist to schedule an appointment. 

  • In order to receive assistance from WVLSCF, your total income from all sources may not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines in effect at the time of the application for assistance.

  • Upon approval, the Foundation will pay for the hearing aids up to $500 per aid for two aids per applicant this includes fitting, office visits, batteries, and necessary follow-up.

Hearing Assistance

If You Need Hearing Aids

Hearing Assistance